Creating a Simple Winter Mantel

Hi beautiful friends! I just love when something is versatile within the home, whether it is something you can have out all year long or for an entire season.  In my last post I showed you how to create this beautiful reindeer art.  In those photos we still had our Christmas mantel up (which, based […]

Summer Wood Starburst Mantel 2015

Hey friends! How is your summer going thus far? Over here on the east coast of Canada we are finally experiencing some warmer summer weather, and it has been just lovely. I’m working away at two university courses this summer, but when I can I’m getting out to enjoy this heat with friends, and of […]

Coastal Artwork in the Dining Room

  Hello friends! I hope you are all having a positive day, and are enjoying some nice Spring weather where ever you are! Today I wanted to share a little update on my dining room. It’s been a while since I did any sort of update in this space, and that is partially because it […]

A Guide To Selecting Lighting

Note: This post was originally written by me for Wicker Emporium’s blog Selecting lighting within your home can be a difficult task to say the least. With so many options out there, it can be hard to figure out what type of lighting is appropriate for your home.  The selection of appropriate lighting is a […]

Valentine’s Day Mantel 2014

Valentine’s Day is on Friday! Do you celebrate? Jeff and I usually make a fort in the living room, pig out, and watch movies. #Foreverchildren I know it’s a bit late to be uploading a Valentine’s Day mantel… that’s because I had no plans to do one – but after I created this pallet square […]

Master Bathroom Design Plan

Hello friends! Recently I put together some small bathroom ideas which I planned to put into action in our main floor bathroom renovation… but, recently, we ran into a problem… you see, the only place we can get our planks for our planked walls cut is at Home Depot – and their saw broke. (Wah!) We’re […]

10 Awesome Small Bathroom Ideas

Hello friends! Jeff & I are busy working away at the house. There’s something in the air that comes with a new year that beckons you to take on challenges with a fresh outlook. All of our hard work seems to be paying off, too, as we almost have our entire house purged & organized. […]

Farmhouse Kitchen Tour – Updated!

Hello friends! Friday is almost here! Which means Jeff & I will be tackling our main floor bathroom renovation! I plan to post our ‘before’ photos and inspiration I’ve gathered for this room… (It needs serious help!) I can’t wait to get started! One of my most popular rooms I’ve shown you is my kitchen […]

Selecting the Right Dining Chairs for your Home

Disclaimer: This is an article on selecting the right dining chairs that I originally wrote for Wicker Emporium, that I thought I would share with you all on my own Blog. Are you in the market for dining chairs? Be sure to read this post beforehand so you are better equipped to make the right […]

Winter Mantel – Decorating For Winter

Happy weekend friends! Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year to decorate… so taking it all down is a real bummer for me. Things can seem so ’empty’ and ‘blah’ once all of the glitter and lights are taken away… I think it’s a challenging time of year to decorate and I know I’m […]