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TGIF! DIY Valentine's Banner Decor

I hope you’re all having an enjoyable Friday! ¬†My school had a storm day, which means I get a little bit more blogging time. ūüėČ

DIY Valentine's Banner Decor

Today I wanted to show you a really simple but adorable craft. ¬†We typically do not decorate for Valentine’s day, but a great way to decorate if you want to do something a little more tasteful is with flowers or delicate neutrals. ¬†I’ll link my Valentine’s Day mantel from a couple years back at the bottom of the post.

For the kitchen this year, we created a Valentine’s Banner! ¬†It was so easy to make which makes it perfect for a holiday that doesn’t take up a lot of time in the year (not like Christmas which we tend to decorate a month in advance for!)

DIY Valentine's Banner Decor

Here’s what you’ll need:

Paint & Paintbrush
Fabric (we used coloured burlap and burlap)
Glue gun

Step 1)
Cut a triangle that is going to be big enough for your stencil. ¬†Once you’ve done this it is so easy to cut identical triangles. ¬†Just place your existing triangle upside down on your fabric as a guide! ¬†TIP: ¬†If you’re using two different coloured fabrics, divide the amount of letters you need by 2 so you know how many you’ll need of each. (Simple, but so easy to forget when cutting!)

DIY Valentine's Banner Decor

Step 2)
Place your stencil over your fabric and dab with your paint. ¬†Again, if you’re using two different coloured fabrics a good idea is to write your message on paper – that way you can assign with a letter what letters need to be on a certain colour fabric (for instance, I put an ‘R’ over what letters had to be on red fabric, crossing them off as I went)

DIY Valentine's Banner Decor

 Step 3) I laid my message out on the windowsill to dry, and also to help remind me what letters I had left!

DIY Valentine's Banner Decor

DIY Valentine's Banner Decor

Step 4)
Use your glue gun to glue your letters onto twine! ¬†I laid mine out first to make sure they were centered the way I wanted, and made sure to allocate areas for spaces. ¬†Then you’re done!

DIY Valentine's Banner Decor

DIY Valentine's Banner Decor
Just think about all of the different messages you could make! ¬†This would be very sweet above a mantel as well… you know I love a good mantel!

DIY Valentine's Banner Decor

If you want to see more Valentine’s Day decor, check our my Valentine’s Day Mantel !

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