Design Series: Where to Begin When Planning a Design (Bathroom Before)

bathroom renovation before

Hi friends!

I have an exciting project I am working on that I’m excited to share with you! I’m completing a bathroom makeover in which I plan to break down each step of the way to share here on the blog. I know so many people aren’t sure where to start when beginning a makeover and I’m hoping this series will be helpful for you to begin and complete your home design project with (some) ease. 😉

bathroom renovation before 2

Stepping into this space the first thing that made the most sense to me to quickly discuss would be where to start when beginning your design. Just makes sense, right? I’ll be showing ‘before’ photos of the bathroom scattered throughout the post. 🙂

bathroom renovation before 7

One of the most common things I hear from friends and readers is that they don’t know where to begin with a design. They have idea of what they want, but aren’t sure how to go about putting it all together. There’s no one-way to design a room, but if you take your time with your plan you will be amazed with what you can come up with. Designing is trial and error, so be patient with your decisions and understanding if something doesn’t go as planned. It should be an enjoyable process and you are bound to learn along the way!

Before we think about room colours or patterns, the very first step is determining exactly what you want to achieve from your room. You want your room to work for you or there is simply not going to be flow of space and convenience which can cause you a build up of stress that you may not even realize. There’s no sense in having a beautiful room that doesn’t function.

bathroom renovation before 4

What do you do in this room? For the bathroom design I am completing, people shower, use the bathroom (of course), get ready to go out, and groom themselves. Pretty typical of a multi function bathroom. So what issues are in this room that could be tackled? Well, for one, there are a lot of items and products that are not used frequently and can be either tossed, or would be more useful in another area of the home. Cleaning products or bathroom products that are not used on a regular basis can be stored in an area nearby or an area of the bathroom. It’s a small space, so storing the items that aren’t used frequently in another closet will make a world of difference. This is a change you will see in this space.

bathroom renovation before 6
Too much clutter!

bathroom renovation before 5 A beauty drawer should *not* look like this. You deserve more, girl!

We need to think about where and how we use our products. Keeping hair brushes nearby hot tools and styling products is more convenient than having the products mixed with lotions in another drawer a foot away. You get the idea! It’s those little things such as opening multiple drawers to grab everything you need for one task that causes inconvenience. Think about where you do things, and then determine what you need at arms reach in that space.

bathroom renovation before 9

bathroom renovation before 8

It’s not all about where you put your things or flow of space. Think about how much lighting you will need for each task you do within your space. Lighting can make or break a room with how functional it is, so keep this in mind. Not only the level of lighting matters, but the tone of the lighting as well. There are different kinds of lights and light bulbs with different wattages and tones and the positioning of the lighting makes all the difference as well. If anything within the area is broken or needs professional repair, this is something you want to work into your design as well. This isn’t something you need to tackle right away, but just to keep in mind later in our design. Check out my guide to selecting lighting!

Depending on the purposes of your space and how much you plan to change, you want to select appropriate paint colours and flooring that are suitable for the conditions. You may love the look of wood, but wood flooring would of course not be appropriate in a bathroom and same goes for some wood products that could potentially warp in the humidity of the space. There are also various paint options for different looks and levels of activity and not every material is suitable for each space so just do a little research before selecting floor and wall finishings and you should be good to go. Look for advice online, ask friends, and those who work at your home improvement store to make the best decision for you.

Overall, what you do in your space and how you want your room to function for you is the first step in determining your design, and possibly the most important one! Once you know this we can begin to consider some of the first decisions in your design.

Do you have any tips for planning out your home design projects? I would love to hear them!

I’ll be back soon with paint colours choices and the plans for my design, and how I made those choices. 🙂

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