Clothespin Christmas Tree

Hello everyone!

DIY Clothespin Christmas tree tutorial! #clothespin #Christmas #crafts

I hope your Monday was good to you. We all know how those Mondays can be.

My sisters and I run a small wreath business every year, so I am happily home visiting creating crafts with some free time. Yesterday I shared some festive glitter pinecones!

clothespin christmas tree 17

christmas tree 16

Today I’m sharing a decorative Christmas tree I created today that was so simple, but is SO beautiful!

Here’s what you will need:

Clothespins new, old, or both!
Glue gun and sticks
Empty paper towel roll or toilet roll
Optional: Paint

The first step is to decide what you want your tree to look like. Would you like the look of weathered wood, or would you prefer lighter, newer, wood? I used a mixture of both to create a fun ombre effect! You could even decide to paint it!

DIY Clothespin Christmas tree tutorial! #clothespin #Christmas #crafts
You then want to gather your clothespins and remove the spring from them. This is pretty easy to do, you just need to pull the ‘handles’ of the clothespins in the opposite direction to widen the metal, then wiggle both sides out!

Decide how big you want your tree to be. I used an entire paper towel roll for a fairly tall tree, but this could be cut down to create a shorter size. A toilet paper roll would create a lovely little tree! 🙂 If you decide to paint your tree, apply a thin layer of your paint to the roll so it’s less noticeable underneath of the clothespins in areas that aren’t covered.

DIY Clothespin Christmas tree tutorial! #clothespin #Christmas #crafts

Using your glue gun, start gluing the pieces of clothespins to the roll with the ‘inside’ portion of the pin side down. The area you want to glue is the slanted part at the tip. You can move the positioning slightly which is what I did to create a not-so-perfect wild looking tree.

DIY Clothespin Christmas tree tutorial! #clothespin #Christmas #crafts

Each layer you glue on try and glue above an area in-between the two below to be sure they aren’t stacked and you can cover as much area as possible. It’s okay if you see a bit of the roll underneath since it should be a similar colour to your pins.

DIY Clothespin Christmas tree tutorial! #clothespin #Christmas #crafts

When you’re near the top you want to glue the middle of the clothes pin to the top area of the roll. The layer that finishes the tree off will be glued on top of this, so you want to have it pretty secure.

DIY Clothespin Christmas tree tutorial! #clothespin #Christmas #crafts

I finished off the top by holding two sides of a clothespin with glue in the middle over the roll to see how wide they needed to be set apart, when this was dry I used it as my base to finish off the top. I then started gluing more pieces around this at different angles until it created a ‘cap’ on the tree.

DIY Clothespin Christmas tree tutorial! #clothespin #Christmas #crafts

Notice where wood from the ‘cap’ touches the rest of the tree, slightly lift and sneak some glue in there to finish it off.

DIY Clothespin Christmas tree tutorial! #clothespin #Christmas #crafts

Optional: If your two and a half year old nephew is helping you, he may bring you a tiny grapevine from the craft bag and suggest you build a nest (Seriously, he is so crafty!). You won’t be able to say no, so glue some Spanish moss and a craft bird on top and apply to your tree. 😉

DIY Clothespin Christmas tree tutorial! #clothespin #Christmas #crafts

Now you are finished! How easy is that? I had a lot of fun making this, and I can’t wait to make another slightly shorter tree to compliment it! I’m visiting family right now, but I think it will end up sitting on our mantel for Christmas.

DIY Clothespin Christmas tree tutorial! #clothespin #Christmas #crafts

Let me know if you create this clothespin Christmas tree for yourself! I would love to see how it turns out and any creative spins you take to reflect your style!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

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  1. dianesaunders says:

    Interesting I like the old look of clothespin oppose to the light clean look . My mind just started to turn How about M^M”s or smarties to give a bulb look ?

  2. Ok..simply adore this! 😉 Bonnie @ Uncommon Designs

  3. LOVE THIS!!! I am so going to make this…so happy to find your blog… Blessings!

  4. So glad I dound your blog through a facebook post of Fox Hollow Cottage! This is ingenious! Love it and will be making one of my own with a spin! Will post! I am pinning this to my Christmas Idea Board.

    • Thank you so much Lucy! I can’t wait for you to post it to my Facebook to see it – It’s a lot of fun to make, too. 🙂

  5. Brandi, this is SO adorable!!! I totally love how you used the older wood on the bototm, it gives it a great dimensional look 🙂 And that bird.. so cute 🙂

    • Thanks chick! I am going to make another smaller one to compliment it (I may or may not have used all of my mother’s clothespins) So glad you like it!

  6. Too cute! Love the idea! Pinned it!

  7. Brandi, this is gorgeous! I was thinking of doing something similar – I have hundreds of clothespins that belonged to my mother-in-law and I never throw anything away! You did an amazing job! Pinning! Thanks so much for sharing and if you have time, please share this at our All Things Christmas party, I know everyone will love it! Have a wonderful week!

  8. Brandi, this is so cute and creative. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  9. Brandi,

    I’m surprised how this turned out. And you even got your little man to help you!
    It really has a nice rustic feel to it. Simple, and utilitarian.
    You are very creative. making crafts out of every day household items is genius!


  10. I’ve just happened upon your lovely blog through this awesome project, and I hope to come back soon and take a look at all I’ve been missing. This little tree is just fantastic, and I’d love to make myself one!

  11. I LOVE this project!! The aged clothes pin looks really good.

  12. I am so making one of these! Ca-ute! Thanks for sharing!

  13. AAAHH-this is so adorable! Thanks for sharing today at Get Schooled Saturday!

  14. Love your clothespin tree! The little bird in the nest was such a sweet addition. Just lovely!
    Thanks for the inspiration,
    Pieced Pastimes
    PS-Would love to have you link this up to Saturday Sparks. Links are open till Friday.

  15. I just made a shim christmas tree and now you have made me want to make some out of clothes pins! Love how rustic and whimsical this is!!!

    And I love,love, love the little birds nest. and the fact that you let your sweet one add to this project. It was the perfect touch.

  16. Okay, yes I love this! The ombre – the end 🙂 Pinned!

  17. I thought I had seen every type of Christmas tree there was but you came up with something very unique and NEW!!! I love it!


  18. love it! looks modern and kinda scandinavian to me!

    found you via the blog party and hope you’ll stop by my site today!

    happy holidays, and smiles to you.


  19. Hi Brandi…I just love the sweet simplicity of you cute clothespin tree. I’s so adorable!

  20. I have a whole package of clothes pins sitting here, waiting for a brilliant idea…THANK YOU!

  21. This is perfect, I was searching for something to use in my laundry room for Christmas cheer and this is just what I was looking for. Thanks for doing the tutorial. Now off to buy more clothespins since I used all mine making a starburst mirror during a recent redecorating of the laundry room!

  22. My Mother in law used clothes pins to fasten everything!Sadly, she just passed & I was looking for an idea to use them & found this! Thanks! I used buttons from her stash for ornaments & it came out great! Thanks for the idea!

    • Kathy, you are so welcome, I am glad it inspired you to find a use for the clothespins. I am sorry to hear about your mother, that is hard! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  23. Thank you for the lovely inspiration. I want you to know how popular your idea is. I posted this onto my Pinterest page 2 years ago. It has daily new hits and likes. Thank you so much for the wonderful idea.

  24. Kam Williams says:

    Love this idea! Thank you for sharing it. I just have two questions? How many cloths pins did you use to make this and how long did it take to make it?
    Look forward to hearing back from you,

  25. Hi Kam,

    Glad you liked the project, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I am currently in university and it is taking up all of my time. As I recall this project took me a day to complete. And it took about tow packages of clothespin as they are taken apart. I do not know the exact number.

    Brandi 🙂


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