Covering Countertops – Faux Granite Makeover!

Good morning friends!

Here in Canada we recently celebrated Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend my family dinner due to distance, so instead we decided to host “Friendsgiving”! We invited all of our friends in the village over for turkey dinner! Everyone contributed with food, cooking, and wine. It was a wonderful time and we think it may turn into an annual event! The evening ended perfectly with a campfire in the back yard.

Now that all that delicious food is gone, today I want to share with you a simple project we completed on our kitchen that had the most impact.

DIY Covering Countertops - Faux Granite Makeover! - Nest of Bliss

Our faux granite counter tops makeover!

This was one of the first projects we completed upon renovating our kitchen (This was pre-blog.. so I apologize for the lack of photos!) and it has made such a huge difference in this space… people have even asked if we installed new counter tops!

The best part? It’s been over a year and they’ve been holding up beautifully!

Here’s what our kitchen looked like upon moving in:

DIY Covering Countertops - Faux Granite Makeover! - Nest of Bliss

and here’s what it looks like today!

DIY Faux Granite Countertops

Our countertops started off as a mixture of grey and pink faux granite. You can see it a bit in the ‘before’ photo – I promise you it was not cute… In fact, my mother was having a good chuckle at the fact they were the same as her old countertops she had in her kitchen many years ago!

For this project you will need:
Painters tape
Primer (I used oil based, but feel free to try latex)
Paintbrush and a good quality roller.
Spray Granite or a textured spray paint of choice โ€“ We used Excel Speckle Stone Granite Spray Finish, this comes in many hues!
Polyurethane or another protective finish of your choice.

Step 1)

DIY Covering Countertops - Faux Granite Makeover! - Nest of Bliss

The first thing we did before we began our project was prepared our work surface by washing our counters with TSP to get them extremely clean and to remove any grease and dirt. When you do this be sure to avoid your sink and hardware as TSP is a strong chemical which can be abrasive to certain surfaces.

You should also at this point consider a back-up plan for any food preparation you may need to do within the timeframe of this project since your counter tops won’t be in a state to use for cooking.

Step 2)

Next we gave our countertops a very light sanding just to rough up the surfaces for the primer. This will allow for better adhesion for the primer to stick.

Step 3

DIY Covering Countertops - Faux Granite Makeover! - Nest of Bliss


Step 4

Next, using your primer you want to brush along the edges of your counter tops and use a roller for the rest. We chose oil based primer, but if you decide to use latex I would love to hear how it turns out for you! We completed two full coats with full time to dry in-between.

Step 5)

DIY Faux Granite Countertops

When the primer was completely dry, we started to spray with our textured spray paint. How many cans you need will depend on the amount of counter space you need to cover. We used three, but this may have been due to my inexperience with the first can – my fiancรฉ was quick to show me proper spray painting technique. I highly recommend watching videos on proper spray painting technique or better yet, getting someone experienced to show you how. You want to shake your can in-between sprays and use a smooth stroking motion of your arm to be sure you get a complete, even coat. Don’t focus too much on one area to avoid a blotchy finish. Let dry completely between coats.

Step 6)

ย After two to three coats are applied that have dried completely, then you are ready to seal the countertops. We used three coats of oil based polyurethane (Again, if you decided to use another type of sealant please let me know how it holds up for you!) while letting dry in-between. We were careful to not place any items on our countertops for about a week afterward to let everything cure completely. If you wish to use a food-safe protectant feel free – we prepare our food on a large cutting board anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

Step 7)

When everything dried and cured completely, we carefully pulled off our painters tape and removed the newspaper. If you find some of the product is peeling off with the tape, you may want to use an exacto knife to get clean-lines. If your tape happened to get on your counters a bit during the project, you will want to do a few easy touch-ups. To do so, simply spray a small painting brush and just dab the area and seal it with protectant when dry.

Then that’s it, you are done! This project was SO easy and was a great alternative for us instead of buying new countertops. I think all in all this project cost us about $50!

I also want to note that we don’t leave messes or set hot plates or pans on our counters, but that’s a given anyway with faux granite! ๐Ÿ˜‰

DIY Faux Granite Countertops
DIY Faux Granite Countertops

I hope this project helped you out with your countertop makeover. If you try this, or a variation of it to suit your lifestyle, be sure to let me know how it turned out for you!

Have you checked out our full kitchen progress yet?

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  1. You all did an amazing job on the counters! We had those exact same nasty pueky-pinkish-gray counters in our old home! It was before all these cool paints were on the market. There was no way we could afford new counters either so I painted it with a few coats of black chalkboard paint and several coats of poly. That started my DIY journey. (Yours looks much better!) Pinned it and I’ll featured it tomorrow on my FB page!

    • Thank you Kim! We did this project about a year ago now and I was so worried they wouldn’t hold up… I sure am glad they have! How did your chalkboard counters hold up?
      Thank you for the Pin!!

  2. Smart!! Love this!! I did a painted faux granite treatment a year ago and it holds up decent but I have to repaint it around the sink only (all the water) every few months. Annoying! May give this a go! LOVE your cabinets too!

    • My mother did one of those and had the same issue around water areas! I don’t think they supply enough protectant with those kits (If that’s what you used). Definitely give it a try, I haven’t had any issues!

  3. It came out really nice! Loved seeing the after photo. My only concern is toxicity.

    • Thank you so much Carolyn! I don’t think it would be any more toxic than kits you buy to do the same thing, but you could always try latex. We also prepare food on a cutting board on our island to be safe, and just because it’s more sanitary to do so anyway.

  4. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    I think you did a beautiful job on your kitchen. I love everything about it. I am inspired to paint my formica (I think that is what they are called) counters now… and I like your way better than the kits. I wish I could have a stylish kitchen, but with my many fur kids, open shelving is a nightmare, too much fur dust.

    Brandi, if you or any of the blog friends know of a way to disguise awful black rubber piping just below a kitchen ceiling. Seems the central AC/Heating was added after my house was finished and my boyfriend says I can not paint the rubber or what ever it is.. hoses.. seems it degrades them. UGH is not even close to what I have. Seems the put in a dropped ceiling (very nasty stuff they used) using those acoustical tiles that they used to put in office building ceilings (really, really nasty stuff)…… I took it all down. See, I have a very tiny, galley kitchen and this lower ceiling was so claustrophobic to me….. I like it better with the awful pipes showing than that lowered ceiling. BUT what am I to do? I can’t pay anyone to box just that in. I should send you a picture, you would cry for me. lol.

    • Hi Sheryll,
      Thank you so much for your comment! I have three dogs so I hear you on the fur and dust! We don’t find we have to wipe them down too much though since it’s so high up.

      I can totally understand why you wouldn’t want those tiles in your kitchen! Definitely send me a photo on Facebook (message or on my wall) and we can brainstorm! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • You could try boxing it in yourself. Get 1×4 boards from a do it center, put the three sides together and install against the ceiling. Or try doing the same thing with Styrofoam if you need something lighter weight. Then you could just glue it up with PowerGrab or something similar !

  5. Your countops look awesome! Isn’t it amazing what a difference it can make?! I painted mine about 3 years ago with another product called Giani Granite and it is AMAZING stuff! I wasn’t blogging then either but I did take some pics and did a facbook post about them. I actually have a blog post in the works about my project too! You did a GREAT job on them!

    • Hi Debby Ray!
      Thank you so much!
      I would love to see your counters! I know a couple of women who have used a kit (including my mother) and it didn’t hold up around the sink area. I’m sure many people would love to know the product you used!

  6. This is just so smart and it looks smashing! I’ve never seen a sprayed counter before, but I love it! We put wood counters in our kitchen and I used latex poly on them…but it was oil modified (whatever that means) and they’ve held up really good. I just love how cute your kitchen is!

    • Oh I would love to do wood counters one day, I bet it looks fantastic! Thank you Abby, I’m so glad you like the project!

  7. Great job. I love to see easy DIY projects that turn out great and make the house look so much better

    • Thank you for your sweet comment Kailee. I couldn’t agree more – those are my favourites kinds of projects!

  8. Love this so much I’m pinning it. What a great, inexpensive way to update countertops – something I desperately need. I wonder if it would cover our ugly pink ceramic tile? Visiting today from The Weekly Creative.

    Michelle @ On A Wing And A Prayer

    • Thank you Michelle! ๐Ÿ™‚ Is your ceramic tile on your countertops? Could be worth a try! The spray paint sprays in ‘specks’ so it has a bit of texture to it, which is great for durability I think!

  9. Wow this is such a great idea! I’d never heard of doing countertops this way. Thank you for sharing over at the Daily Blog Boost! Pinning this!

    Emily @ Love, Pasta and a Tool Belt

  10. I painted Formica countertops and had very good results, that lasted for years. I first sanded the 1960’s gold fleck pattern lightly, wiped it down with TSP, then painted with a primer. (Wish that I’d tinted the primer as I used a dark color paint). Painted two coats of DuraMax on, using a small, smooth foam roller. It was extremely durable! I did not put a poly sealer on it. The only problem I ever had was chips on the sharp (not curved) edges. Touch ups were easy. I had several people to ‘copy’ my application. It looked very good, and was definitely better than the 1960’s…I had nothing to lose, and it cost less than $30 for everything!

  11. Brandi you have a good taste in life like this blog which you have posted.I think this one is the most loved blog to anyone.i am also the person who likes the coastal birds.keep on posting such an article .i will be there to follow you Brandi.

  12. Brandi, I read your post before and forgot about it. I came across it again today. Love the look. I’ve looked for the stores where Excel is sold but can’t find any. May I ask where you found it? Thanks!

    • We purchased ours at Home Hardware (Canada) but I believe I’ve also seen it sold at Home Depot. I know other brands have faux granite sprays so I would try Home Depot, Lowes, etc for something similar. Doing a quick Google search it appears as though Krylon has textured spray paints. Might be worth a look! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I searched Lowe’s and Home Depot online but couldn’t find it. The search may not have picked it up. I think I’ll go look at the store. Thanks so much for letting me know! ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Krylon I know can be found at Michaels, I haven’t tried their faux finishes but they are a good brand so I’m sure they have nice results!

  13. I have done a similar project on my double sink masterbath counter. I actually primed and rolled black paint, sponged dark green and ran a feather dipped in white for a marble effect. Colors turned out awesome. I finished with 5, yes 5 coats of oil based primer. Letting it dry COMPLETLY in between coats. Five coats might have been overkill but wanted to make sure it would last. Good news it has. It has been over 7 years and it has not chipped any where or needed a touch up. It could probably use a light sanding and another coat if primer to freshen it up but otherwise it still looks great. I do recommend to practice this paint technique on a scrap board to get down the effect you want. I did and I use the board as a cutting board in my kitchen. Gets light use but has held up very well.
    I am definitely trying your granite technique in my kitchen. Thanks.

  14. What a beautiful kitchen! You did an amazing job! I am dying to redo my countertops, they’re horrendous..thank you for the inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Oh my god, the change is amazing! I am so impressed, and you should be so proud of yourself. It looks absolutely beautiful now!

  16. I just bought my first house and I’m itching to try this. I don’t like my laminate countertops and I love the granite look. I won’t be moving in for another two weeks probably so if I’m going to do it, now would be the perfect time so I don’t have to worry I’m getting everything out of the way. I’m just nervous. What if I ruin my countertops and have to replace them?

    • If it doesn’t work out you could always do another alternative on top of that to cover up your counter tops! Or even try again, that’s the beauty of paint! ๐Ÿ™‚ Just make sure you practice spraying with your spray paint first!

      Good luck Kelsey!

  17. You’ve inspired me! My question is do your countertops have a texture to them? That’s all the spray paint I’ve been able to find that calls itself “stone.”

    • Hi Sally – Yes, the spray comes out in sort of ‘specks’ that creates a slight texture. Once the coats of poly were on there’s still a slight texture, but nothing too intense. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Brandi-I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing and I will give you a shout out on my blog if I ever get around to doing this much needed project.


  19. LOVE love your counter tops. I will definitely do this for a vanity counter top I’m working on.
    Great inspiration

  20. I know the stone spray paint comes out textured, after putting the poly on it does that smooth it out? I’ve always wanted to try this but I’m afraid it will be all bumpy because of the textured paint.

    • It has a very slight texture to it, nothing too extreme. However, the more layers of protectant you add the smoother it would be!

  21. Love the look! I’m doing our bath vanity now as I type! One coat of texture on , waiting to add another. Question. How long did you wait to let paint cure before adding poly? I want to make sure paint is good and set! Thanks!

    • I just allowed it to dry completely and to the touch. Since it’s textured, you want to make sure it’s totally dry and settled so that when you roll on the poly it doesn’t spread the texture around or create streaks from spreading them. Good luck, Lynne! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. It looks great! Did you remove the counter backsplash before you painted them?

  23. Just read your post today. Wanted to let you know how a really helpful blog has a very long shelf life. I have Formica counters and will get my husband to read your blog. Let’s hope he’s willing to try it. Your’s looks terrific!

  24. Brandi–I saw your kitchen pictures on This Old House and posted a comment on there about how much I liked it. Just can’t believe how mean some people can be! I’m the one who wrote about how my daughter painted and sealed her counters because they were such an awful orange-tangerine color. It just about put out our eyes when we walked into that room! Her counters have held up well (she lives alone, and takes care of them and is careful not to abuse them, so that helps), but I know she would like something different. I’m going to send her the link to your blog so she can see what you did. I bet she’ll try it!

    I also wanted to tell you how much I like your mason jar chandelier. I have seen “fairy lights” elsewhere and even saved an article about making them a while back. I think I’ll try it. Not a large ceiling light like yours but maybe a smaller lamp or light fixture for the loft bedroom upstairs (which I fondly call my “Lodge Room”).

    Keep up the good work. Diane in Kansas City, MO

    • Hi Diane,
      Sorry for the delay – I just recently wrote you back through the website. I don’t get notified of comments on there so I apologize. Thank you for your kind words!
      I would love to see your DIY light when you get a chance to make something. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love a good light fixture!
      Enjoy the day!

  25. What color primer did u use and what color spray paint. It looked ms beautiful

    • White primer and the product and spraypaint info is in the post itself. But any granite texture spray paint should do. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Krystal says:

    Brandi–I love this idea! I’m looking to do this to my boring white countertops in my bathrooms, however I was curious how you would handle the actual sink area. I’m afraid with constant water running (brushing teeth, washing hands, etc) that this may eventually come up. Do you think this is ok to do in a bathroom specifically the sink area?

    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I think this would work in a bathroom. I have not done a bathroom countertop, but if I was to do it, I would us the same method. I think the kitchen actually would get more water around it than the bathroom, so I think you would be fine. Good luck!

  27. I’m having trouble finding the ranite spray paint
    Any ideas will be helpful im fight in the middle of redig my bathroom and want to do the counter
    I don’t know if my first post went thru

    • Hi Rebecca, not sure whre you are located. I am in Canada and purchased this paint at Home Hardware, which is a canadian store. I did find out who manufactures the paint and here is the contact information, perhaps they can tell you if it is sold in the States. (assuming that is where you are. Here is the information and I hope it helps. Contact Us
      Sales & Manufacturing, Customer Service & Purchasing

      K-G Spray-Pak Inc.
      P.O. Box 89, 8001 Keele Street
      Vaughan, Ontario Canada
      L4K 1Y8

      Tel: (905) 669-9855
      Fax: (905) 669-8875

  28. I was wondering if putting this spray paint over latex primer and then covering it with a latex top coat would affect the actual spray paint?? I am also from Canada and Home Hardware is where I got mine.

    • Hi Sue, I would not think that it would affect it, but I would try it on something separate to test out the technique you want to do to be on the safe side.

  29. Wow, doesn’t even look like the same kitchen. Fantastic job! Love those white cabinets!


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