diy Curtain Clip Rings / Sheets for Curtains

DIY Curtain Clip Rings / Sheets for Curtains! - Nest of Bliss
When I was finished painting my living room and dining room I came to a budget halt.
I wanted curtains for all three windows in the room, but six curtain panels was going to be tough on the wallet. Not to mention I needed long curtains and wanted curtain clips and rings to hold them.
You do the math!
Luckily, my mom came up with an excellent solution to create DIY curtain clip rings / sheets for curtains. (Way to go Mom!)

You will need:

*Twin sheets of the colour or pattern of your choice
*Binder rings
(You can buy packages of these in many sizes from office supply stores).
*Small binder clips
(Also available at office supply stores).
What you simply want to do is put the binder clips through the clip rings, and attach the clips to your curtains (sheets) and add the rings to your curtain rod.
You may always hem the sheets to the length that suits you – but another alternative is to fold any excess over along the top, and your binder clip on top of your fold. This also gives your clips more to hold onto.
DIY Curtain Clip Rings / Sheets for Curtains! - Nest of Bliss
I think they turned out fantastic! and for only a tiny fraction of the cost that a bunch of new curtains and ring clips would have been. 😉
You may notice mine are a little “frumpy” toward the top – I liked the look at the time, so I added less clip rings – but I have recently been considering adding more. The more you add the less leftover “hang” you will have.
Each panel on mine currently has six clip rings to give you an idea of how many you need for the look you are trying to achieve.
Not a single person has guessed I have sheets on my walls!
Let me know if you try this out for yourself!
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  1. Well way to go mom!! So smart. I use to use sheets all the time. Great material to work with. The whole room is beautiful. Just so pretty!!

    • Thank you so much Shannon! I’ve been considering stencilling or adding stripes to them to break up the white ever since we finished our mantel makeover.
      I’ve been a fan of your blog for a few years now, it means so much to me that you took the time to check out my blog. I just recently started it, and you were a big influence in that decision. 🙂 Thank you again!

  2. This is a fantastic idea!! My mom is always coming up with ideas too. She will say something and I will be like…”huh? How in the world did you come up with that?” She always tells me that they were always so poor growing up and so they didn’t have a choice but to be creative!

  3. I’ve actually put sheets up before, but I cut strips and slits and tied them through themselves around the rod (it’s hard to describe…it looked cute, though!). But I used a king-sized sheet on a sliding glass door–and it was perfect! I definitely like your binder ring/clip idea better, though–that’s really awesome! I’m pinning and sharing!
    Thanks for posting this on today’s Daily Blog Boost!!!
    ~ Brooke ~

    • That’s a great idea! I actually have a sewing machine now so I’ve been considering sewing them over to slip in the rod… but we’ll see how well that goes as I’ve never used a sewing machine! Haha!
      Thank you so much for sharing!


    Mahalo!!! From the big “808” state, I’m recently doing several curtain projects in our new rental apt & the windows are really long like over 35 ft long… I love using white sheets as a black out curtain & than using the shower curtain fabric by cutting & sewing to make it easier for me to wash.. I found out the shower curtain fabric, even though I wash it I can just hang it up on the window and it’ll air dry better vs drying it in the dryer. THANK YOU soo much for the idea with the binder clips & rings as I seen similiar ones with the clips on the end but living in HI they are really expensive and I would need about 3 pkgs for just one of my windows. when I have 4 of ‘um it adds up really fast. Anywho, YOUR IDEA JUST SAVED ME BIG $$!!! =)

    • That’s fantastic Kuuipo! Since your curtains sound particularly large and heavy, make sure you use big, strong binder clips!
      Good luck!

  5. So…..where did you find the silver binder clips?! All I can find is silver ones in an assorted size package, which makes them quite expensive. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  6. Thank you so much! As crazy as this might sound, I cannot find any curtain clips from the stores near me. What a great hack! Thanks!

  7. Brandi, thank you so much for the sharing the curtain clip/rings hack. I think I can get the clips and rings at the dollar store now!

  8. Binder clips are stronger than the clips made specifically for curtains, what a great idea! The clips also come in colors now if one wants to let them show or match the curtain fabric. Different sizes of clips could be interesting too, they make huge clips, so maybe clip a heavier weight fabric with the huge clips and hang from decorative hooks spaced above the window.


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