House/Apartment Room Tour – Boho, Tumblr, Urban Outfitters Inspired

Hello beautiful friends! It’s been summer for a while now, which also means I’ve been out of school for a while, too.  I’m going into my fourth year of university and am moving into a new apartment with my best friend next week.  (Prepare for ‘before’ photos!) I thought today I would show you an […]

Design Series: Small Bathroom Makeover

HI FRIENDS! I’m going to warn you ahead of time… this is going to be a photo-heavy post! I’m finally revealing the small bathroom makeover I completed (last summer..) Note: There will be another post with a full budget breakdown and where all items and products were purchased which I will link here later. 🙂 BEFORE […]

Design Series: Organizing a Small Bathroom

Hello beautiful friends! This week I’m on March break from school, which is the perfect opportunity to work on some posts for the next upcoming weeks!  The spring weather is arriving so I’ve also been doing a little bit of spring decorating – one of my favourite seasons to decorate for. Today I want to […]

Easy DIY Starfish Art

Hi friends! I have a super-simple but beautiful starfish art craft for you today, that will hopefully warm you up from the winter blues… the best part is, is how inexpensive and EASY it is! Here is what you’ll need to make your own Starfish Art: Starfish (if you don’t live in an area where […]

Creating a Simple Winter Mantel

Hi beautiful friends! I just love when something is versatile within the home, whether it is something you can have out all year long or for an entire season.  In my last post I showed you how to create this beautiful reindeer art.  In those photos we still had our Christmas mantel up (which, based […]

DIY Glitter Reindeer Art

Hello my beautiful friends! HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope you had an absolutely fantastic Christmas holiday, I know I sure enjoyed the break… plenty of homemade Bailey’s, friends, and family. Although I didn’t get around to posting Christmas related posts (my favourite, too!) I did manage to put a couple things together to add into […]

Autumn/Fall Mantel 2015

   Hello friends! Today’s post is pretty self explanatory… It’s the autumn / fall mantel for 2015! The way this year’s mantel came about was pretty funny actually… My mother had brought down all of her autumn decorations and had them perched on the mantel for us to decorate. “Brandi, are you ready to decorate […]

Design Series: Choosing Paint Colors

      Hello beautiful friends! I am beyond excited to be posting today the paint colours we selected for the bathroom renovation. Let me just clarify here – I know it’s been a while… and the renovation has also been compete for a while. I can’t pretend that I can keep up with regular […]

Cherry Pie Heaven

Hi friends! Today I have a recipe for you – unusual for me, I know… but it is actually my mother’s recipe she was willing to share with you. We have two cherry trees out in our back yard that produce very tart cherries (only the brave would eat one of these right off the tree […]

DIY Chanel Vase

Hello friends! I can hardly believe it’s nearing the end of August already. Have you done anything exciting this summer? I still have a few things to tick off of my summer list (yes, I make a summer list) before my last year of my business program begins. The bathroom renovation that I was working […]