Hi there, I’m Brandi!

I’m the designer and blogger behind ‘Brandi Sawyer’! (Formerly ‘Nest of Bliss’).

I created what was originally known as ‘Nest of Bliss’ when I was renovating an 103-113 year old farmhouse.  My goal was to share with anyone who wanted to create a beautiful home on a budget how they could do so. Here you will find plenty of DIY projects, inspiration, and decor.

I love to see what others can’t see in a space. My goal is to help YOU realize the potential of your own home and your ability to define your own personal style – no matter the budget! 😉

You may notice I don’t update often or as much as I used to. I’m currently a full-time psychology major entering my fourth year. I no longer live in the farmhouse, and now I live in a small rental. My educational career is still young, and you can imagine it takes up the majority of my time. However, I still love to tap into my artistic side, and you may still see a post on here – although they may be very far and few between. 😉

A little more about me:

Growing up I was always keenly aware of my environment, and surroundings. I would go to friends’ homes and notice their cabinetry, flooring, furniture – the entire house. I knew what I liked, and I knew what I didn’t. I would constantly make suggestions to my parents about things that would make our home look better!

Something else I was keenly aware of – was how a room could make you feel. My mom knew how to create a cozy environment for every occasion. She created a lot of great memories for us kids!

The budget renovation on the 100 year old farmhouse is complete – It was an amazing experience! I was so thrilled to have my work featured in a couple of magazines (This Old House and Cabin Life), write for Wicker Emporium, and work with amazing companies along the way. Join me on my next adventure!

I would love for you to contact me via social media on Facebook and Pinterest!

If you would rather say hello via email, you can send one my way admin@brandisawyer.com