DIY Chanel Vase

DIY Chanel Vase - Brandi Sawyer

Hello friends!

I can hardly believe it’s nearing the end of August already. Have you done anything exciting this summer? I still have a few things to tick off of my summer list (yes, I make a summer list) before my last year of my business program begins.

The bathroom renovation that I was working on over the summer has been completed, I just need to break down some posts before the big reveal… I’m already planning on some more projects in my parents kitchen – always the next thing, amiright?

As some of you know, I’m staying with family while I’m in school, so I’ve been working away at creating a happy and inspiring space for myself. Today, I wanted to show you an adorable DIY Chanel vase that I created for my bedroom. I have seen various photos of these vases online and wanted to create one for myself. It’s such a feminine piece for a bathroom or vanity, and it was just so easy to make!

  • You will need:
  • A vase shape of your choice (I got mine at Value Village for $2! Check your local thrift stores!)
  • Paper/Ink/Printer
  • Protractor Set (If you aren’t good creating even squares!)
  • Scissors
  • Gluestick
  • Faux Flowers (I cut mine off of a flower headband – easy!)
  • Water/Food Colouring (Optional)

DIY Chanel Vase - Brandi Sawyer

1. Go online and search ‘Chanel Perfume Label’ on Google Images or Pinterest, a bunch of results and varying designs will appear. Or, you could make your own on a website such as PicMonkey.

2. Print off your design choice, and cut into a square that fits your vase proportionately. – I used my protractor set and a pencil for this.


DIY Chanel Vase - Brandi Sawyer

3. Use a gluestick to adhere the paper to the vase.

DIY Chanel Vase - Brandi Sawyer

DIY Chanel Vase - Brandi Sawyer

4. Now, this step is optional- but I added in water with a drop of red food colouring for a pink shade.


DIY Chanel Vase - Brandi Sawyer

5. Lastly, add in your flowers! DONE! So, so easy and such a cute project.

DIY Chanel Vase - Brandi Sawyer

I staged mine on a thrift store tray, with a teacup I hold my rings in (also from a thrift store), as well as some other girly items. I have mine placed in my bedroom on top of a shoe shelf where I keep some of my jewelry.

If you do this project, be sure to let me know where you put yours! What are your ideas for sprucing up a feminine space?


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