Summer Farmhouse Tour

summer celebration 4

Good morning friends!

Today I am so excited to be a part of the second Summer Celebration Party. This is my first year joining and am thrilled to be involved alongside so many talented bloggers! If you came here from one of the other blogs – Welcome! I am so happy to have you here for my summer tour & hope you will stay a while. πŸ™‚

I thought the Summer Celebration would be a perfect opportunity to share my summer house tour. It’s not exactly a house tour – as many of my rooms in the house are still a work in progress – but more so a tour of the rooms I added a bit of ‘summer’ to. πŸ™‚

As some of you may already know, I love coastal design! So when it comes to decorating my home for the summer season, it doesn’t take adding a whole lot to get the summer feel. Just a few extra starfish here & there as well as more blue pops of blue and ocean inspired dΓ©cor.

I’ll have links throughout the tour of different rooms if you would like to check out more photos & details of the different spaces.

We will start with the kitchen!

Farmhouse Kitchen - Summer Tour - @nestofbliss

Our house is now for sale, so we took down our very-loved mason jar chandelier & created this light with pendants of similar colour. I’ll have a post all about it soon!

Turtle Bell - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss

I recently spotted this sea turtle bell at Homesense & it just had to come home with me. Ring for coffee! (That’s me, housecoat clad in the reflection!)

Farmhouse Kitchen - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss

For summer in the kitchen, I did a bit of rearranging, as well as adding some pops of colour with flowers. The tray above was switched out from my living room. I find the scale suits the island a lot better.

Farmhouse Kitchen - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss
Farmhouse Kitchen - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss

Farmhouse Kitchen - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss

Farmhouse Kitchen - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss

I found this wooden tray secondhand and thought it would be perfect where the coffee maker used to be to house cooking liquids. A lot more convenient when cooking!

Farmhouse Kitchen - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss
I rehomed the coffee maker to the other side of the counter, as well as moved all coffees, teas, and breakfast related items in the cabinet beneath to create a coffee nook. I love this set-up & already find it much more functional!

Farmhouse Kitchen - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss

Onto the bathroom!
The weather was starting to warm up after we finished our small bathroom makeover, so I already had it decorated with a summery coastal style. Click on over to see the full reveal!
Farmhouse Bathroom - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss
Farmhouse Bathroom - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss
small bathroom makeover 22
Fuzzy green rug is from Homesense
Farmhouse Bathroom - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss
small bathroom makeover 20
Starfish, shells, and pops of blue… always welcome in my home!
Sea Float - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss
Summer Bathroom - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss

Next we will step into the foyer & see how I decorated our foyer table for the summer! I recently stained it, so be sure to check out my tutorial on what I used to achieve the weathered finish you see here. πŸ™‚

Farmhouse Foyer - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss
starfish in antique bread bowl 1

This antique bread bowl is my mother’s, but she kindly allows me use it in my own home. For the summer season, I filled it with starfish. Surprise surprise!

Farmhouse Foyer - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss
White Rope Doorstop - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss

I scooped up a couple of these rope door stops from Homesense last week! Although, I have to say I haven’t actually used them as door stops. I love how unique they are & the nautical feel they have!

Farmhouse Foyer - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss
Shell Seagrass - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss

Grapevine Wreath - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss

A pretty wreath I made also hangs in the foyer. A nice cheerful pop of colour. πŸ™‚

From here we will enter the open living room & dining room space…

Farmhouse Living Room - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss

This room has had a few summery changes in the last while. It’s always refreshing to tweak your home for the seasons…

Farmhouse Living Room - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss

Farmhouse Living Room - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss
This corn plant is the new kid on the block around here! I also added a few succulents. It’s amazing the sense of life they’ve given to our home! I can’t wait to add more greenery!
Farmhouse Living Room - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss
Not to mention… those succulents are major cuties!
Summer Coastal Mantel - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss
Our summer mantel is fairly simple. Salvaged window & thrifted bottles along with driftwood gathered from my family’s cabin…
Summer Coastal Mantel - Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss

Coastal Farmhouse Dining Room - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss
Our dining room table my dad built for me when we purchased our home. I have a tutorial on how I gave it the look of a rustic farmhouse table.
Summer Coastal Dining Room - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss
Our lovely coastal artwork is new as well. It has really helped finish off our dining space.
Coastal Dining Room - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss
I plan to add more shells to the blue vases as I gather some more, and perhaps some sand! The runners are simply burlap I cut to size. Easy peasy!
That’s it for the rooms that are done-up for summer downstairs. Upstairs we added a bit of summer to the master bedroom. Full reveal on our master to come soon. πŸ™‚
Master Bedroom - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss
For our bedding, I put on my lightweight white slipcover that is perfect for warmer weather, but I kept the comforter we were previously using folded at the bottom half of the bed for now since it stills get a little bit chilly at night. The warmer nights are on their way, though! πŸ˜‰
Master Bedroom - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss
On the mister’s side of the bed, I added another cute succulent to add some life. I just started to decorate these side tables, so there’s plenty of changes to come – lamps included!
Master Bedroom - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss
Ahh… My favorite place to unwind!
Master Bedroom - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss
On my side of the bed I just have a candle, ball jar with some flowers, and… the other rope door stop. Is that weird? I just think they are too sweet! πŸ™‚
summer bedroom 6
As you can clearly see, our dressers that we use as side tables are pretty beat-up. I’m wondering what I should with them (Other than getting some handles on my side! Ha!). Do you have any suggestions?
Master Bedroom - Summer Farmhouse Tour - @nestofbliss

That’s the end of my summer tour! I hope next year I will hopefully have more rooms to share… but the process is all part of the fun, isn’t it?

I hope you are enjoying the summer celebration so far & all of the fantastic posts my talented bloggy friends are sharing. πŸ™‚

Here are even more ideas to kick off your summer in style Wednesday Collage


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  1. Your home is beautiful! So fresh and bright with so many fun little details. And I am crazy about your kitchen island. crazy.

  2. I would totally buy your house! What a gorgeous space you’ve created… so many beautiful details in every room!

  3. Brandi!!! Your home is stunning! I love the colors and styling. The entry way is probably my fav – that table is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so much for joining us on the Summer Celebration series – so happy to have you!! xo

    • Thank you Chelsea! The table was built from ana-white plans that were modified. Thank you so very much for inviting me into this series – it was so much fun seeing everyone’s projects! xo

  4. Love all of the beachy touches you added for summer! Your home is just beautiful!

  5. Brandi! Your home is Awhhhh!!!You have a beautiful style! Have a great day!

  6. What a beautiful home you have, Brandi! I love your coastal style! It has been fun being on this “hop” with you! Have a great week!

    ~Abby =)

    • Thank you Abby – I couldn’t agree more! It’s been so wonderful checking out everyone’s projects. Have a great weekend!

  7. Your home is so beautiful Brandi, and you guys have added so much value with those stunning kitchen and bathroom makeovers… it is so calm and peaceful feeling- beachy like a farm style Hamptons house!! Pinning and sharing!!

    • Thank you so much for your sweet words, Krista – you’ve made my day. πŸ™‚ I hope you are having a great Saturday my friend!

  8. You have such a lovely home with so much detail! I especially like all the texture and nautical elements! Very bright and fresh feeling !

  9. Gorgeous! Your home is always so inspiring to me!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  10. Your home is just beautiful!!! I had a question about the floors in your entry way and also in your mster bedroom… I read your post about the new aminate floors you installed over the previously painted kitchen floor – just lovely!! But, are your entry and bedroom floors painted wood? if so, has that held up any better than the painted kitchen flooring? I have been thinking of painting a couple of my wood floors, but once its done, turning back would be labor intensive for sure, LOL!!! thanks!!

    • Hi Julie,
      The previously painted floor in the kitchen & back entry was tile – and it didn’t hold up. The foyer & bedroom (and most of the upstairs of our home) are painted wood. It’s held up to a degree – however if you have dogs I would advice against it. I do have dogs and it gets very scratchy & chippy. If you don’t have heavier critters I would go for it, but painting a lighter tone does take some upkeep with mopping. If your floors haven’t been painted previously I would recommend going with stain ultimately! But paint is a great choice if it’s not an overly high-traffic area or if you are planning to change it out at some point.
      Hope this helps!

  11. Leslie F says:

    I have been checking your blog repeatedly to see if you have posted your tutorial for the foyer table yet – I just built a dining room table and have been trying desperately to create the weathered wood look you have in your hall! Please post soon!!!


    • Hi Leslie!
      I’ll get on it asap! I’m so sorry – It’s been a hectic few weeks! πŸ™‚

      • Leslie F says:

        Oh good! My husband keeps asking me when I am going to stain the table, as we have company coming next week and I think he’s getting nervous!

        If you don’t have time to post the full tutorial, I would still love to know the basics – what stain(s) you used and in what order. I can always send you a personal email if that’s easier! πŸ˜€

  12. Kristie Garrett says:

    Absolutely beautiful could you please tell me what blue cor you used in your foyer?

  13. Gosh, I just LOVE your home. When can I move in? lol. Stunning, Brandi. You’ve done amazing work πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you so much, Jamie! A huge compliment coming from someone with such a beautiful home as yourself. πŸ™‚
      Enjoy your Sunday!

  14. You have such a gorgeous home!! I love your blue and white floral comforter cover. Did you make it? Can you give details on where you found it, or the fabric? Thank you! Love your site!!

  15. ^ Please disregard my inquiry. I just found my answer! πŸ™‚

  16. Where can I find that chandelier??? Your house is gorgeous and inspiring!!!

  17. May I ask what colors you used on the walls for the entry and dining? There exactly what I am using for. Thank you!

    • The dining room is Behr Chocolate Froth… I cannot recall the entry at this time, but it’s also by Behr!

  18. Hi Brandi,

    I love your home! It is gorgeous!!!

    Quick question…where did you get your chairs?

    Thank you!


    • Hi Karen,

      My chairs are from Wicker Emporium. I have a post all about them in the projects section. πŸ™‚

  19. Sorry…your dining chairs.

  20. Kyla wilson says:

    This house is amazing I love all of your ideas . was wondering if you had dementions for your wooden island my husband is making me a table and I love your island πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you for your kindness, Kyla! I unfortunately do not have dimensions on my island, but definitely should him the photos and I’m sure something could be rigged up – it’s fairly simple on the outside, all you need is shelves. πŸ™‚

  21. Samantha says:

    What paint color is on your walls?

  22. I love this! Where did you find the dining room chandelier?

  23. Your home is gorgeous! Can you tell me where you got the light for your dining room? I love it!!

  24. Can you tell me where to find the jute rug in the living room

  25. Hi Brandi,

    Where did you get your dining room chairs? I love them! Love your style!

  26. Love your dining room chairs. Where did you find them?


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