Closet Clean Up! Tips To Purge and Organize Your Closet!

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Hello sweet friends!

How is your week going so far? Here in Canada we just had a long weekend, and I was lucky enough to have my best friend Samantha visit the whole time! We had a great time & lots of laughs were had. 🙂

Before I jump into this post, I want to announce to those who didn’t hear on my social media, that my kitchen is featured in this month’s (June 2014) issue of This Old House magazine. This is a dream come true for me & I am so thrilled. I hope you’ll check it out!


Now onto the post! 😉

For the past couple of months I’ve been working on getting my closet to a place I am happy with. You see, every time I would go to get dressed for the day or an event – I would be at a loss. It seemed like my closet was just filled with clothes that I was never going to wear but for whatever reason couldn’t let go of. To make matters worse, half of the time I couldn’t even find what I was looking for! Getting dressed was a bit stressful, as silly as that may sound.

Well, I finally did something about it, and I want to share my tips with you!

Empty Your Closet

If you have an exceptional amount of clothes to go through you can do this by sections whenever you have some spare time (For example, pants one day, shirts another). I had plenty of time on my hands initially so I emptied my closet completely, piling sections for shirts, pants, sweaters, etc to make them easier to go through.

Decisions, Decisions…

Now it’s time to start sorting through your clothing and deciding what you want to keep. Unless you want to go back to feeling like you have a “whole lot of nothing” to wear, then be sure to be realistic and ask yourself these helpful questions:

Have I worn this in the last year?

With the exception of semi formal and formal wear, try to remember the last time you wore the piece of clothing. Have you worn it at all? Can you immediately think of an outfit you’d like to wear it with in the near future?

Would you buy it again?

Imagine your article of clothing in a store. You bought it once. But would you buy it again? This is the BEST question to ask yourself. If the answer is ‘no’ then it has to go! Don’t try to justify or thing of situations in which you may wear it… because if you don’t wear it now, you won’t wear it later.

Do I own something better?

Let’s say you can think of an outfit your clothing would go with. Vacation. Dinner with friends. Pretend you are getting ready for this event… would you choose something else over it? Just because it would make for a good outfit doesn’t mean you would choose it!

Could I alter this? Would I alter this? Does it need to be repaired?

Use your imagination. Maybe you love the upper-half of that blue dress but the bottom never complimented you well. Cut it! If altering something would allow you to fully enjoy it, then get crafty.

If something is damaged, be realistic as to whether you are going to bother with repairing it or will bother taking it to get professionally repaired.


Once you’ve decided what you want to keep and what you are going to toss. Create three pile categories for the items that won’t be returning to your closet:


Do you know someone who might want this? A sister or friend? Put it in this pile.


Articles of clothing in good, clean condition that you don’t have someone in mind for can be donated!


Beyond repair? Time to toss. But first consider cutting into rags. My fiancé always appreciates extra rags in our work room for various projects!


There is no perfect way to organize your closet. It all depends on what type of dresser you are and what makes you happy. Here are some things to consider:

Colour co-ordinate or sort by style & colour

Are you someone who looks for a specific colour immediately, or just simply enjoy the look of a totally colour co-ordinated closet? Then you should sort your clothing by colour!

organizing your closet 1

I used to sort by colour before I organized, but I found I was looking for a specific style rather than specific colours. So when I reorganized my closet I organized by style, and then organized those specific styles by colour. This is much easier for me. Photo of how this looks above! 🙂

organize your closet 2

When it came to organizing my dresses I did so by colour as well, but I removed formal dresses and put them in another section. I did this just so more commonly worn dresses were easier to access for day-wear.

My shorts, skirts, pants, lounge tops, work out clothing, pyjamas, etc were folded in cubbies in my closet and also put into my bedside dresser – but I’m considering hanging shorts and skirts in the future so that they are easier to see in the summer months, while eventually changing them out for pants and leggings in the colder months.

Be Patient & Keep Coming Back

I would be lying to you if I said I cleaned out my closet in a day. I was struggling with a lot of decisions so I was frequently coming back to re-assess clothes that were still not being worn or considered. I didn’t have to re-empty my entire closet during these times, but I probably reconsidered items hanging & in my drawers 4 or 5 times before I was completely happy with everything I owned. I now feel happy looking at my closet and drawers when I see all items that I love and often wear. I donated about five or six large garbage bags of clothing!

Don’t Let History Repeat Itself

To avoid your closet filling back up with clothing you don’t wear, question yourself when you are shopping and keep these things in mind:

For sale items – If it wasn’t on sale, would you buy it?

If this item was at a thrift store for this same asking price, would you love it enough to buy it anyway?

Similar to the question above – If you are a thrift store lover, ask yourself if you would buy it at your favourite retail store for their typical prices. Would you fork out the cash?

Can you think of a few outfits right off the bat that you would wear it with? Are you excited to wear it?

Are you pondering the purchase and trying to justify if you should buy it or not? Probably a sign you would find something better at home!

If you aren’t sure about a size, go quickly try it on! Many stores only give store credit which could be a bummer if you are disappointed with how something fits or how it looks on you.

I know I have a pretty average and small closet, but I think these tips can be helpful for you to purge & organize for a closet of any size! 🙂

What are your tips for purging, organizing, and keeping it that way?

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  1. I just read your favorite room, and then visited your blog. Love the closet ideas. One that helps me maintain a handle on what I wear and don’t is that at the beginning of each season I hang everything with the hooks of the hangers facing out. Once I’ve worn it I hang it the usual way. At the end of the season anything I haven’t worn is then evaluated whether it should be donated or given another chance.

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