Finding Your Focal Point

Finding Your Perfect Focal Point

Note: This post on finding your focal point was originally written by me for Wicker Emporium, who have allowed me to share it here.

Focal points are quite easily considered the most important part of the room. Once your find your focal point you can begin the process of laying out your space for your design plan. You’ve probably heard of a ‘focal point’ within a room before. Images that may come to mind are bright walls or a large piece of artwork above a grand fireplace… but focal points are so much more than that.

Almost any wall, architecture, a window, piece of furniture, or decoration can be turned into your focal point if you wish it. The first thing you want to ask yourself is “What area of my space do I want people to be drawn to? – What do I want them to notice?”


Gallery Wall Focal Point {Source}

If you wish to bring focus to a particular wall, you could consider painting it a complementary or contrasting colour to the rest of the room, or for a less bold option you could add a gallery wall of your favourite images and artwork. Large mirrors bounce off light while helps draw the eye, while wallpaper can create an interesting focal wall… but not all focal points need to be large, which brings me to my next topic.


Farmhouse Kitchen - Mason Jar Chandelier

In this photo – my combination of my mason jar chandelier and large island create the focal point within the center of the room.

The scale of something can bring your eye forward. Think of large images, artwork, or a big dining table for example. Scale can also be used in the opposite way, if something is significantly smaller than the rest of the objects in the room it is able to stand out on it’s own. Think of a wall with only a small sunburst mirror above a bed- your eye would be instantly drawn and it would still have a great effect within the space.


Furniture Focal Point{Source}

Furniture is a great way to create a focal point. In a dining room the table or chandelier is commonly the focal point, while in living rooms you can create a focal point by arranging your seating around a coffee table while also creating an inviting conversation area. Large cabinets, beds, and kitchen islands can all be beautiful focal points.


Focal point made with decor{Source}

Focal points made with decor are not just limited to photos, mirrors, and gallery walls. You can ground space within a room with a beautiful patterned or colored rug that will add interest and dimension to your room.

Do you have a decoration, bowl, or vase you love? Put it on display! Whether on a fireplace, shelf, or table – as long as it draws your eye when you first walk into a room, it can be your focal point if you let it. Interesting colour or finish that stands out from the rest of the room are ideal, but if it doesn’t stand out, try to figure out a way to add to it… Could you add flowers, or something inside? Maybe a tablecloth or runner will help. Even candles and smaller, complementary decor that stands out, when decorated with your chosen piece, can help turn it into a beautiful focal point.


Window focal point - BHG{Source}

If you have a great view – or just a great window, consider toning down any other part of your room that takes your attention away from it. If you have a window that doesn’t immediately catch your eye, consider dressing it up with pretty window treatments that suit the style and amount of lighting your window brings. A pattern or colour will most certainly fit the bill and make your window stand out.

Architectural Elements

Winter mantel focal point

Whether it’s a beautiful staircase, fireplace, tin ceiling, or intricate doorway – you can bring light and focus to beautiful parts of your interior by allowing them to shine on their own – that is, not having any aspect of the room take away from what you are trying to bring focus to. If your eye is drawn to something else, consider moving it or taking it away from the room completely. Alternatively, sometimes adding something such as a chandelier for a ceiling, or artwork on a fireplace, can help complement the focal point and help make it stand out.

The idea is letting whatever is your favourite part of your room be the star, with that in mind you can bring focus to almost any aspect of your space.

Good luck!


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